The first time blogger!


3a26cf9fa2df8f3096eef35e0f7e6dbbHello world,

So well,today at this day, I am writing my first blog post.I don’t know but yeah i need to admit the feeling is really weird!!I really need to applause people who have been writing blogs because seriously here I am struggling to find words to aptly express myself!Basically I don’t know how to start..So i’ll come straight to the point..(Was I always so

Okay so now this blog of mine as you can see from the picture that I had to literally search for hours and strain my eyes (because I wanted a good picture to start with) is all about beauty ,healthcare (as it is a vital part to make and maintain your beauty) and vogue.

Since this is just my first post I don’t really wanna go in much detail and bore you peeps because I’ll soon be posting some serious stuff(serious?! lol again).

So to keep it short and simple  TheGlampage is all about the drama you need to enjoy under your lashes.All women are “pretty” but you can be “pretty powerful” with just the right shade of everything!So flair it out and say it loud ‘Too Glam to give a Damn’ 😉

Stay fit,stay healthy and stay tuned because the best is yet to come..

All my love,

toodles ❤


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