Getting used to it!

1131e4fdf0c64e303fa428e147753289Hola everyone,

So this is my second day post and here I am searching for some silent corner at my place to sit and write(I am suddenly getting that feeling that my place is so small!)and finally after waiting for things to get settled(thankgod finally it did) I get my own sweet place to write(happy me..yayy)!

So how did I get into all this?This blogging,page on instagram and facebook!this makeup and styling!I had no idea that some day I would be sitting with my laptop sharing and learning idea and experiences with works in its own mysterious ways!

As for me I think makeup runs in my blood ( though every girl thinks that way :D) but I have my reasons since my mom also had this strong inclination and was even a MUA before marriage!

And since my 6th grade I am the official MUA of my family..and from blunders to quit decent makeup to now doing it part-time it has been a hell of an experience!But this serious thought about starting it as a career dawned on me after I did my sisters’ engagement makeup and viola!!( it turned out to be nearly perfect)

And from there I got the perfect start(that in my opinion was perfect) and as they say “when you do something you do it with all your hearts”and just like that this beautiful journey began..and it seems that everything is just falling back to place again..beautifully though ❤

So with this I sign out..stay beautiful and slay always :*

all my love,

toodles ❤


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