Mirror mirror on the wall….

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the beautiful of us all!

giphy (2).gif

Beauty..Faces..Colour..Am I really satisfied with what I am!

I often ask myself this question.Am I really happy with what I look like.With the looks that I have been gifted with or should I too go under the knife to get those little things left in a flurry corrected and fit in this “unnatural” society !

I often wonder if there ever would be a day when all women would wake up,look at themselves in the mirror and thank god for their nose or their boobs!How those profit-making industries would crumble down to dust!

I thought about talking on this topic since today I was randomly going through some instagram posts when I found this picture of a horrendous “surgery to make you look good and feel good” fail and went to the mirror to look at myself..DO I REALLY LOOK SO BAD?IS THERE REALLY A NEED TO GO THROUGH THAT PAIN WHEN I AM NOT EVEN SURE IF THE RESULTS WOULD NOT LEAD ME TO FURTHER AGONY ? OR is it just the desperate need to be accepted  by this society that I don’t  let myself  see the actual beautifully flawed me!

I know this subject is all over the social network and to some even cliched and overrated.UNHAPPY SOULS.UNHAPPY FACES.UNHAPPY LIVES.But WHY?Why is this need.. An urge to have every inch of our beautiful bodies perfect!The white doesn’t want to be white;the black doesn’t want to be black..the people with curves want to get rid of them while the skinny ones just spent dollars to get some muscles on!but why?

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Today I am writing this post not because I am some socialist or some psychologist..but because I myself have been through that horrid experience.The FEAR that grips you ..follows you like a shadow that doesn’t leave you even in the dark..my fear was not about having  a weird shaped nose or small ass but the fear of aging!Premature aging!When one fine happy morning you get up and look at yourself in the mirror and notice two prominent folds of skin under your eyes..but you smile it away and then to your biggest horror you see two smile lines..and the same applies to your neck lines and because you have lost weight some acquaintance of yours tells you that you have started looking old! At 20! What can be more traumatic than that!Then what follows is insecurity;self hate;and even more insecurities till one day you are emotionally drained and on the verge of an emotionally breakdown.

So was with me. A few months after that day were of agony and pain..I used to look at my friends and observe their skin when they smiled just to see if they had any lines like I did..I started to avoid looking at myself in the mirror altogether..when on one of those same pain filled days someone said to me”I wish I had the skin and the body like yourself!”


That was the day when I again went to check myself in the mirror.This time not to find anymore flaws in me..I looked in the mirror not to minutely observe another line that might have formed; but to look at myself the way I did not for a period of 5-6 months..I was not that bad after all! And since then life has a been smiling down upon me..we all have to age..maybe I am going through it faster.But,who cares!This life was not given to me to cry but to cherish and accept my own beautifully flawed unique self!

Yes, you might have a thin nose or  fat body..but..never forget that you have been created by the one who never flaws in His work!


With this thought I’ll sign off..

Stay beautiful and stay your own FLAWED SELF,no one not even you have the right to question your beauty!


All my love,

Toodles ❤



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