The Valentine drama!



So valentine is just round the corner and many people might be seeing cupid flying everywhere with his bow just ready to hit their ass!

Everyone is  claiming to fall in love or at least is expecting that the love they have been looking out for soooooo long is definitely going to walk to them this time(if the stars have done their work right). And for those of you who have been friendzoned you might be thinking “ok so this time I am going to tell him/her how I feel and maybe he/she might reciprocate!”

So just to make this valentine special for you I will be posting some valentine makeup and hairdo look to make your man fall head over heals over heels or to make the stars in your favour ❤ .



1)  Starting with the most simple look . The winged eyeliner can be your save the day this valentine provided that you do it right.Now there many ways to apply a liner especially  if you are an amature.The most convenient being the ‘tape way.

2) Just use a tape and put is on both the outer ends of your eyes but do not take it very high to the temple area.The tape should be in line where your upper part of the ear ends.

3) After that apply your  eyeliner starting with a very thin line at first remembering that you can make it thick but not thin.After the first quote has been applied go for the second and a broader quote this time.

4)  Give your eyes a more dramatic look by using a black eyeshadow just  applying it above your eyeliner.

5) On your waterline apply an eyepencile till you reach the half part and again use some black eyeshadow underneath.

6) Finish the look using some mascara and false lashes (if you wish.)



1) These sultry red lips will definitely do the work for you.

2) Just use a red lip liner to make an outline of your lip shape.after that use any red of your choice but of course it should not differ much with the lip liner colour.

3) Fill in your lips.

4) If you have thin lips then you van also apply the liner a little out of the lip shape just to enhance it.

5) To make your lips fuller and kissable you can contore the sides of your upper and lower lip and smudge them using a beauty blender.

6)You can also use a lighter shade of red in the mid portion of your lip to give it a perfect look(this is optional).

All my love,

Toodles ❤


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