How to look out for inspiration?


Look around you.Inspiration can come from anywhere.

But the question is “where is this ‘where'”? ” 

So when I sat down to  write a post today it dawned on me that I have nothing to write about!So I wondered how and from where should I get my inspiration? I stared at my laptop for an hour;looked at what the others have been posting lately but then again I was almost as lost as before.I donot understand how people write everyday!Like man from where do you get the content and ideas to blog post every single damn day!!!I am literally struggling here to get anything that I can find useful to post.

Blogging is definitely not an easy task that is something I have realised in my fifth blog.I realise now how stressful life of people can be who have to write for a living.Like dude you are doing an amazing work!Although there are so many google tutorials on how to be creative while you are blogging,but to me personally they were no good.I still have no idea what to blog about!!!Nothing from my main blogging area atleast.And so I thought that I should just fly off the tangent for a while  till I try to look out for some inspiration on my blogging work.

All my love,

Toodles ❤


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