Hey my lovelies, how are you all? 

So today I am going to post about a much famous topic..THE FAT INDIAN WEDDING..And if you by any chance wonder why am I doing that it is because we just wrapped my sister’s wedding about 4 days ago and so I thought why not let the world know about the wedding fanfare in India.

So basically I am going to go function wise.

The FIRST function was the ENGAGEMENT programme..and ofcourse..dont wonder about her makeup artist..she is just in front of you..ME! tadaaaaaa 😛


 Since it was during day time I decided to keep her makeup light..going really light on the contour..doing a semi-smokey brown eyes look but going bright with the lip colour…since it was complimenting the whole look.


So yeah..she my sister..and the very gorgeous bride on her DAY 1 look..I hope you guys like the look..

Stay tuned for more looks on this months THE FAT INDIAN WEDDING posts..


And since she looked so gorgeous…I could’nt take my eyes off ❤

ALL my love,

Toodles ❤


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