Eyebrow trends that will return soon!

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Brows have always been a topsy turvy game. Brows define your makeup wayyy tooo much. If your brow game is on point ,however your makeup is, it looks good ( until it is an extreme case ,of course!),but, if your game strong is a disaster (god forbid) then even the most subtle makeups can be a BIGGG turnoff!

There have been many eyebrow trends over the century ,but,these are the brow trends that are going to return soon in the near future,as we all know,what goes back in fashion,comes back again!

So here are the few brow trends in the making..Read for more..

  • The delicate fill up~

    When eyebrows were filled in delicately and placed high on the brow bone.

  • The low maintenance brow~

    When you let your natural eyebrow grow and just define the arches.

  • Diva arches~

    Customizing your own brows by filling in the arches and highlighting the high points

  • Thicker and darker~

    Bushy brows where women women preferred just the extra hair to be twigged and plucked.

  • Fully grown out~

    So THIS is the ULTIMATE brow goal!Full,arched and tapered brows.Women use eyebrow pencil to fill them in.


With these brows coming soon..what is your favorite ‘go-to’ brow?


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