What is the right lipstick type for you?


A thing that makes all the difference in how your final look is going to be is the lip stick type that you decide to rock.

Weather your look will stand out or weather it will go down the trash is all determined by a simple yet very complicated decision that we all have to make.

Yes, the dreaded thing called lipstick, that almost cylindrical object which is somehow a half slant cut cone designed to be perfectly applicable along the delicate lip area and also the intricate sides, depths of which are deeper than exploring the caves of Iceland.(Got much feels?)

So you are all ready,eye look on point, perfectly chiseled cheekbones,and that baking!(don’t even talk about it gurll).

And now its the decision that will decide the future of your whole look..THE GLOSS/MATTE ON YOUR LIPS!

But how exactly do you decide which lipstick type to go for?

Well makeup is an art and a science at the same time.It looks really easy on the outside but involves a lot of physics on the inside about light,reflections,bouncing of light,even the prism etc to ultimately brig out the perfectly FLAWLESS you.

Now choosing a lip shade is not completely unaffected by it.

There are usually 2 rules that you need to follow when choosing a lipstick type:



Now this actually is the most important rule when it comes to choosing the right type of lipstick.A lot of this depends on the principles of reflection of light.

Gloss make the light reflect more as compared to matte.

With this simple reasoning if you have thin lips then you should go for glossy lipsticks at most time.This will give an illusion of your being more fuller then they actually are.

Similarly if you have thick or fuller lips then you should opt the matte dark colours as they will help in giving an illusion of reduced lip shape.

Also a lot depends on the colour selection.People with thin lips should go for more bright colours as they reflect more light, whereas, people with fuller lips should go for more darker shades as they reflect the light much less.



This is another factor that should be kept in mind while deciding between mattes and glosses.

Gloss lip colours give out a very feminine, playful vibe whereas the matte colours give out a more strong classy vibe. You can opt for glosses during the day and mattes at night.BUT. There is NO RULE. Some mattes do have an element of gloss and can be worn all day long.Also mattes stay on a lot longer without the botheration of several touch ups as opposed to glosses.

Other than these things there is another trick that can be helpful to wear any type.









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