Can you go uber glam without going heavy on your pockets?



Generally when you see a makeup tutorial on Instagram or for that matter any makeup video what is the first thing you notice?
Yes,the extensive line of products.
Some hundreds of brushes which look the same, and you wonder if there is even a need to use so many brushes when you can actually do away with just a handful.
Then the second thing is the eye shadow palettes that seem to never end.
Again most of them seem to have the same colours and you wonder if just one palette could have been enough.
Well there is no end to the products that we see or the products that are used on the models (for example Dior foundations or Chanel lip colours).
Now what does an average income person think when they see these kind of tutorials.
Firstly, of-course they are attracted to the temptation of splurging on these brands when in reality their pockets might be too tight for it. But, they might end up giving up to the temptation and later struggle to pay the rent.
Or secondly, and the most common conception is that, only people who have hundreds of brushes, or only those who are the proud owners of an infinite number of shadow palettes, or the ones who use products like Dior and YSL in their “everyday makeup look” are the only ones who can “actually do” good makeup,or, to do good makeup we need to have all these things.
Well I believe that this is a “MYTH”.
Doing good makeup requires the skill and the eye for it, and you can easily achieve a great, chic, uber glam look using just one or two products.
Eyes are always considered a very important part of any makeup look.
They can either enhance your entire look,or make you look droopy and dull.
But is it possible to achieve a great eye look using single/two shadows.
Well YES.
Infact , I feel the lesser the product the more beautiful and natural you look.
IMG_20180719_123027 (2)

This look is just using one shadow from COLOR POP COSMETIC in the shade “COCONUT ”
For creating this look I used the most expensive brushes available.MY FINGERS.But everyone can afford them.I first tapped the shade on the eyelid to create a darker look and further used the remaining shadow on the outer lid to give it a well blended look.
The shadow costs $5 and the brushes were PRICELESS .
I did not use any eyeliner because I feel eyeliner make the look really heavy, so I went just for the mascara from MAYBELLINE.
The look turned out as I wanted it and was wearable during the day and at night.
IMG_20180816_173213 (2)



For this look I used another local brand that I purchased from Thailand.
It costed me around 20 Bhat which is the currency of Thailand.
I have used just two colours.
A deep purple all over the lid and a hot pink on the crease line to smudge the colour and give it more pop.
Again I went just for the mascara and no eyeliner.
This look is apt for night time when you want to go sassy and yet look glamorous and not-over-the-top.
So this is how I do my eyes.
Going minimalist and yet bold.
I love makeup but I like to make my own rule book when it comes to the application.
Every way is good way unless it doesn’t look tacky and makes you look old.
Going less is more.
Choosing the right product is all it takes to create a beautiful look.
So don’t go heavy on your pockets, but,go smart.


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