From panda eyes to a killing machine – How far did you take your LINER GAME?

We all know them.Those people.Those panda eyes.Those 5 makeup wipes crying in the corner of your dustbin because you ruthlessly rubbed them over your eyes. There is this point in every girls’ life when she knew she was close to one correct stroke..’yes for once in my life I will have the perfect liner story to tell to my grand kids’  but hold on lady! The stars are not in your favor,YET!And then that one misstroke and GAME OVER. But she doesn’t want to give up..because of course who wants to go back when they are so close victory. After a while of trying to get your symmetry right and getting the misstroke undone you realize that you are not close to perfection but definitely close to your panda eyes.



But how to ensure that your eyeliner game is strong AF?



Well, here are some easy tips that you can follow to make sure that your evolution from panda eyes to a killing machine is smooth and easy and without shedding those precious tears:

  1. Being PATIENT: Yes,this is difficult for most of us who want to be done with things quickly.BUT. Honey,applying eyeliner is not a joke.If you want to get a perfect eyeliner,you have to be patient,just like you are with your kids, yeah ,the same patience.
  2. Using SHORT STROKES: Applying the eyeliner in one go is the one MISTAKE that we all commit. After all our eyes are so small, why not just apply it in one go.But NO. Liner application can be perfect only when you apply short strokes,one at a time.
  3. Remain as CLOSE TO THE EYELID as you can:Yes try to be as close to the eyelid as possible.This helps to ensure that you are not creating a gap between the lid and the rest if your eyes.
  4.  KEEPING YOUR EYES OPEN during the application: Yes this is again a very common mistake.People tend to close the eye on which they are applying the liner.Keeping your eyes open helps you to see how thick you are applying the liner and which area needs correction.Also you will keep your eyes open once you go out.So.It makes sense.
  5. Now this step is actually a TRICK: Eyeliners can be tricky okay.They can either lift up your eye or can make up look droopy.The trick here is that whenever you apply your eyeliner always align it with where your eveybrow tip ends. This way you will ensure that your liner always goes up and never makes your eyes look droopy or tired or dead!




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