Only I can CHANGE my life.No one can do it for me.

Let’s imagine a scenario here.
You are stuck with what you don’t like,with something you don’t want to do.You see no way out, but ,you are determined. You are determined to leave this life behind for the life that you have always wanted. For the life that you have always craved for. And then you decide to do what you deem fit.You decide to REBEL.
To rebel against everything, everything that is keeping you away from that life,from your calling.
(Fast forward)
You are living that life now.Though everything seems to be a dream, like a beautiful hangover that you don’t want to end.
This is real.
Everything is finally falling into place. The pieces of the riddle are finally making sense and you now understand why everything that happened has happened.
You are enjoying this life..after all this is what you have always desired.
You are also very much aware of the fact that you have challenged a lot of norms to be here and that a lot of people are now waiting.. waiting for you to fall.
You are aware of the risks and that the stakes are high. Maybe a ride or die situation. Maybe your last chance.
And determined and strong you enter into this beautiful dream..just hoping that one day your hard work will turn it into reality.
Days pass and that determination and motivation is still put.
But as more time passes you realize that something is not right.
Something is missing now.
You have started to take things lightly.
Probably you are not as serious as you were when this beautiful journey started.
You still know that the stakes are high.
There is a lot to prove,not to others,but to yourself.
You don’t want to fail.That is not an option now.
Then why is this casual attitude. Probably you have started to consider this as any other chores that you are forcing yourself to do.
That fire has gone out somewhere in this journey.
This is where LACK OF MOTIVATION comes in. When you start considering things a task rather then an activity that you used to enjoy.
But there is one thing that we need to understand, lack of motivation is not something that cannot be overcome.
Definitely it is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it is also not something that you have to panic over.Here are a few easy steps that can help you to get your motivation back.

1) Remind yourself of the END GOAL – More often than not we forget why we are doing something. We forget why we had started this journey, defied the odds, faced criticism but were still determined to go forward with the decision of doing what we are doing.When this kind of situation arises where you don’t feel motivated to do the same thing anymore it is important to remind yourself the end result. The END GOAL and that why had you started this in the first place.

2) Are you LAZY or UNMOTIVATED – Now there is a huge DIFFERENCE between being lazy and being unmotivated. Most of the times people think that they are unmotivated while in reality they are just lazy.Figure out which one of the two are you.

3)TO-DO-LIST – Yes may sound a little old fashioned,but these can be a real booster to you.Make a to-do-list and include every small task that you know you are probably going to skip because you are just too causal about it.Once the task is done cross it out and out and you will experience a satisfaction like never before.

4)Start EARLY – Yes.An early bird catches the worm.Early rising can again be very helpful as you get more time during the day to plan out things and take the appropriate actions.

5)HELP OTHERS– After reading this you probably might be thinking that how is this connected to being motivated?Well this is a psychological fact that when you help others to accomplish their aims and goals you feel motivated yourself.So maybe your growth and success is directly proportional to how you help others grow and flourish.

EVERYONE has days when they don’t feel like trying. When they probably want to give up BUT those are the days when you have to get up and START AGAIN.Because its THAT DAY or NEVER.
















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