Get the “LAUNG GAWACHA” feels on your big day!

You know your wedding is just around the corner when shopping is not just a thing of joy anymore,but, it is a serious business. After all who is going to shine on your big day if not you.From a small negligible thing like a bobby pin to your D-Day dress everything has to be perfect and sorted.And once you are done with the attire, then comes the time for some jewelry haul.Well even here,like all the other things on your shopping list the choices are many,in fact ,saying “many” would be an understatement in itself.But even though the choices may be infinite,it is really important that you stay to your style even on your big day.If you are a minimalist style girl,then going over the board is a big NO.But,if extra is your middle name then ,who is stopping you?

So yes, you might have guessed it by now.We are talking about Jewelry. But this blog is a bit more special. This blog is my earnest admiration for a very special piece of jewelry that most of the middle Asian brides wear and which ,according to me really gives the bridal look an edge.

Yes we will be talking about the esteemed NATH. Now a Nath is  a nose ring attached to a chain that brown brides love to wear on their D-day. The traditional reason for donning these, is the bride paying homage to Goddess Parvati or that it reduces pains during periods and child birth. Well, whatever the reason may be,a good nath can definitely oomph up the overall look giving out some major bride goals!

So if you are in a dilemma of weather to wear a nath or not,here are some nath inspirations for every bride-to-be to change your mind.



THIS IS GORGEOUS.And to be honest this is my style.Completely over the top. If you are someone who loves extravagance that shows then this just the right kind of nath for you.

If you want to check out some of these extravagant nath then check out this link for some gorgeous nath inspiration.


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If you are someone who is obsessed with gold and  kundan then this is the kind of inspiration you should be looking for.I love how this nath is both extravagant and at the same time not going too over-the-top. Also the intricate bird design made out of kundan is giving it just the right kind of distraction you need from all that gold.


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If you are someone who has been eyeing on your grandmothers wedding jewelry or someone who love to go all heritage and vintage then these can be your fresh take on the vintage look.These nath not only will give you the vintage vibes but the intricate designing will definitely keep you wanting more.

You can also check these links for more such inspiration or



To those brides who want to keep it low key even on their D-day . Or if you plan to wear a heavy mang teeka and a bold neck piece, these minimal designs are the way to go. Brides who don’t want to be weighed down on their D-day, this is the perfect solution. Elegant and timeless.

You can also check out for more.


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There is something about the pearls that make them timeless and ever-so-lovely.And if you are in love with pearls as much as I am then you know what to do. Get an intricate nath with tiny pearls or one with bigger, shiny ones. You can complement it with a gold and pearl chain as well.Oh!How dreamy.


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If traditional is the way you’re going for your big day, why not dress in accordance with the theme? Traditional naths like this looks stunning and evergreen every time!

So is your nath story worth writing your laung gawacha song?Hope you have already started thinking about which nath you want to go for on your D-Day.



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