Smoke it out ,and say it loud.

I am obsessed with black.
And it shows.In in wardrobe,in my makeup, in my whole existence.
The fact that black can glam up any dull day,and at the same time enhance your personality to the boss level..this is the colour that can neither go out of fashion nor out of the makeup industry.
Though it is safe to say that smokey eyes have taken by the whole industry by storm since past a decade,but still..for something to not go out of fashion on the international runway and even on the more local platform is still a big deal.Huge actually.
But obviously everything comes with its own cons.From being such a huge hit when done properly,smokey eyes can turn into panda eyes in no time.
And there have not been any less instances when this makeup wonder has become a makeup disaster.
Well,I hope this look is not a makeup disaster.


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