“Because beauty is not just about how well you hide your flaw, but, how beautifully you embrace them.”

Welcome to TheGlamPage.

To all those you are new to my blog, my name is Alfia Bakshi. I am a certified cosmetologist,having received my degree from the Makeup Art Academy Paris.Having lived in Paris,the fashion capital of the world, for over a year and coming across so many different beings of the human species, I learned that beauty is not only about how well you can conceal those dark circles under you eyes or well you can fill your wrinkles, but it is also about how beautifully you embrace your flaws because your flaws are exactly what makes you YOU.And THAT is the most attractive thing ever.

In this blog I have also tried to explore my fashion side and not only tried to keep my readers but also myself updated with what isĀ happening in the fashion industry.Because if you are in Paris and you dont keep yourself fashion updated,well then,it is a shame.

So in this blog you will find a lot happening with respect to my love for makeup and my attempt to try my hand at fashion.

So, I hope you enjoy the hint of glamour and the beauty detour.