Get the “LAUNG GAWACHA” feels on your big day!

Get the “LAUNG GAWACHA” feels on your big day!

You know your wedding is just around the corner when shopping is not just a thing of joy anymore,but, it is a serious business. After all who is going to shine on your big day if not you.From a small negligible thing like a bobby pin to your D-Day dress everything has to be perfect and sorted.And once you are done with the attire, then comes the time for some jewelry haul.Well even here,like all the other things on your shopping list the choices are many,in fact ,saying “many” would be an understatement in itself.But even though the choices may be infinite,it is really important that you stay to your style even on your big day.If you are a minimalist style girl,then going over the board is a big NO.But,if extra is your middle name then ,who is stopping you?

So yes, you might have guessed it by now.We are talking about Jewelry. But this blog is a bit more special. This blog is my earnest admiration for a very special piece of jewelry that most of the middle Asian brides wear and which ,according to me really gives the bridal look an edge.

Yes we will be talking about the esteemed NATH. Now a Nath is  a nose ring attached to a chain that brown brides love to wear on their D-day. The traditional reason for donning these, is the bride paying homage to Goddess Parvati or that it reduces pains during periods and child birth. Well, whatever the reason may be,a good nath can definitely oomph up the overall look giving out some major bride goals!

So if you are in a dilemma of weather to wear a nath or not,here are some nath inspirations for every bride-to-be to change your mind.



THIS IS GORGEOUS.And to be honest this is my style.Completely over the top. If you are someone who loves extravagance that shows then this just the right kind of nath for you.

If you want to check out some of these extravagant nath then check out this link for some gorgeous nath inspiration.


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If you are someone who is obsessed with gold and  kundan then this is the kind of inspiration you should be looking for.I love how this nath is both extravagant and at the same time not going too over-the-top. Also the intricate bird design made out of kundan is giving it just the right kind of distraction you need from all that gold.


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If you are someone who has been eyeing on your grandmothers wedding jewelry or someone who love to go all heritage and vintage then these can be your fresh take on the vintage look.These nath not only will give you the vintage vibes but the intricate designing will definitely keep you wanting more.

You can also check these links for more such inspiration or



To those brides who want to keep it low key even on their D-day . Or if you plan to wear a heavy mang teeka and a bold neck piece, these minimal designs are the way to go. Brides who don’t want to be weighed down on their D-day, this is the perfect solution. Elegant and timeless.

You can also check out for more.


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There is something about the pearls that make them timeless and ever-so-lovely.And if you are in love with pearls as much as I am then you know what to do. Get an intricate nath with tiny pearls or one with bigger, shiny ones. You can complement it with a gold and pearl chain as well.Oh!How dreamy.


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If traditional is the way you’re going for your big day, why not dress in accordance with the theme? Traditional naths like this looks stunning and evergreen every time!

So is your nath story worth writing your laung gawacha song?Hope you have already started thinking about which nath you want to go for on your D-Day.



Lobe Loves Of The Season: Hello Hoops!

Lobe Loves Of The Season: Hello Hoops!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you spotted everyone from Khole Kardashian to Bella Hadid donning hoops like never before. Its officially hoops season and I’ve got just the hoops you need. Some classic while some slightly more edgy- be all ears for some hot hot hoops!


Multitasking is what we know.

If there are any hoops that up the ante in the boardroom and festivities alike, it’s these ones! Their minimal filigree bodes well with ethnic ensembles while their pint-size makes it ideal for work wear.



Bling me up!

Embellished, empowering and enthralling, these baubles add some much-needed oomph to your outfit. Take them out in the sun with cute camisoles or pair them with edgy LBDs for the night.




When your ensemble is missing some spice, these ear candies save the day. Throw them on with a pair of denims and crisp white shirt for brunch dates or with pantsuits or gowns for some over-the-top glam!




These are the hoops that get you through the day. Floral sundresses, maxi dresses or even the simple jeans and tee look lit when teamed with these. P.S. Don’t you spare them while accessorizing for the beach!



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Only I can CHANGE my life.No one can do it for me.

Only I can CHANGE my life.No one can do it for me.

Let’s imagine a scenario here.
You are stuck with what you don’t like,with something you don’t want to do.You see no way out, but ,you are determined. You are determined to leave this life behind for the life that you have always wanted. For the life that you have always craved for. And then you decide to do what you deem fit.You decide to REBEL.
To rebel against everything, everything that is keeping you away from that life,from your calling.
(Fast forward)
You are living that life now.Though everything seems to be a dream, like a beautiful hangover that you don’t want to end.
This is real.
Everything is finally falling into place. The pieces of the riddle are finally making sense and you now understand why everything that happened has happened.
You are enjoying this life..after all this is what you have always desired.
You are also very much aware of the fact that you have challenged a lot of norms to be here and that a lot of people are now waiting.. waiting for you to fall.
You are aware of the risks and that the stakes are high. Maybe a ride or die situation. Maybe your last chance.
And determined and strong you enter into this beautiful dream..just hoping that one day your hard work will turn it into reality.
Days pass and that determination and motivation is still put.
But as more time passes you realize that something is not right.
Something is missing now.
You have started to take things lightly.
Probably you are not as serious as you were when this beautiful journey started.
You still know that the stakes are high.
There is a lot to prove,not to others,but to yourself.
You don’t want to fail.That is not an option now.
Then why is this casual attitude. Probably you have started to consider this as any other chores that you are forcing yourself to do.
That fire has gone out somewhere in this journey.
This is where LACK OF MOTIVATION comes in. When you start considering things a task rather then an activity that you used to enjoy.
But there is one thing that we need to understand, lack of motivation is not something that cannot be overcome.
Definitely it is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it is also not something that you have to panic over.Here are a few easy steps that can help you to get your motivation back.

1) Remind yourself of the END GOAL – More often than not we forget why we are doing something. We forget why we had started this journey, defied the odds, faced criticism but were still determined to go forward with the decision of doing what we are doing.When this kind of situation arises where you don’t feel motivated to do the same thing anymore it is important to remind yourself the end result. The END GOAL and that why had you started this in the first place.

2) Are you LAZY or UNMOTIVATED – Now there is a huge DIFFERENCE between being lazy and being unmotivated. Most of the times people think that they are unmotivated while in reality they are just lazy.Figure out which one of the two are you.

3)TO-DO-LIST – Yes may sound a little old fashioned,but these can be a real booster to you.Make a to-do-list and include every small task that you know you are probably going to skip because you are just too causal about it.Once the task is done cross it out and out and you will experience a satisfaction like never before.

4)Start EARLY – Yes.An early bird catches the worm.Early rising can again be very helpful as you get more time during the day to plan out things and take the appropriate actions.

5)HELP OTHERS– After reading this you probably might be thinking that how is this connected to being motivated?Well this is a psychological fact that when you help others to accomplish their aims and goals you feel motivated yourself.So maybe your growth and success is directly proportional to how you help others grow and flourish.

EVERYONE has days when they don’t feel like trying. When they probably want to give up BUT those are the days when you have to get up and START AGAIN.Because its THAT DAY or NEVER.















From panda eyes to a killing machine – How far did you take your LINER GAME?

From panda eyes to a killing machine – How far did you take your LINER GAME?

We all know them.Those people.Those panda eyes.Those 5 makeup wipes crying in the corner of your dustbin because you ruthlessly rubbed them over your eyes. There is this point in every girls’ life when she knew she was close to one correct stroke..’yes for once in my life I will have the perfect liner story to tell to my grand kids’  but hold on lady! The stars are not in your favor,YET!And then that one misstroke and GAME OVER. But she doesn’t want to give up..because of course who wants to go back when they are so close victory. After a while of trying to get your symmetry right and getting the misstroke undone you realize that you are not close to perfection but definitely close to your panda eyes.



But how to ensure that your eyeliner game is strong AF?



Well, here are some easy tips that you can follow to make sure that your evolution from panda eyes to a killing machine is smooth and easy and without shedding those precious tears:

  1. Being PATIENT: Yes,this is difficult for most of us who want to be done with things quickly.BUT. Honey,applying eyeliner is not a joke.If you want to get a perfect eyeliner,you have to be patient,just like you are with your kids, yeah ,the same patience.
  2. Using SHORT STROKES: Applying the eyeliner in one go is the one MISTAKE that we all commit. After all our eyes are so small, why not just apply it in one go.But NO. Liner application can be perfect only when you apply short strokes,one at a time.
  3. Remain as CLOSE TO THE EYELID as you can:Yes try to be as close to the eyelid as possible.This helps to ensure that you are not creating a gap between the lid and the rest if your eyes.
  4.  KEEPING YOUR EYES OPEN during the application: Yes this is again a very common mistake.People tend to close the eye on which they are applying the liner.Keeping your eyes open helps you to see how thick you are applying the liner and which area needs correction.Also you will keep your eyes open once you go out.So.It makes sense.
  5. Now this step is actually a TRICK: Eyeliners can be tricky okay.They can either lift up your eye or can make up look droopy.The trick here is that whenever you apply your eyeliner always align it with where your eveybrow tip ends. This way you will ensure that your liner always goes up and never makes your eyes look droopy or tired or dead!



Can you go uber glam without going heavy on your pockets?



Generally when you see a makeup tutorial on Instagram or for that matter any makeup video what is the first thing you notice?
Yes,the extensive line of products.
Some hundreds of brushes which look the same, and you wonder if there is even a need to use so many brushes when you can actually do away with just a handful.
Then the second thing is the eye shadow palettes that seem to never end.
Again most of them seem to have the same colours and you wonder if just one palette could have been enough.
Well there is no end to the products that we see or the products that are used on the models (for example Dior foundations or Chanel lip colours).
Now what does an average income person think when they see these kind of tutorials.
Firstly, of-course they are attracted to the temptation of splurging on these brands when in reality their pockets might be too tight for it. But, they might end up giving up to the temptation and later struggle to pay the rent.
Or secondly, and the most common conception is that, only people who have hundreds of brushes, or only those who are the proud owners of an infinite number of shadow palettes, or the ones who use products like Dior and YSL in their “everyday makeup look” are the only ones who can “actually do” good makeup,or, to do good makeup we need to have all these things.
Well I believe that this is a “MYTH”.
Doing good makeup requires the skill and the eye for it, and you can easily achieve a great, chic, uber glam look using just one or two products.
Eyes are always considered a very important part of any makeup look.
They can either enhance your entire look,or make you look droopy and dull.
But is it possible to achieve a great eye look using single/two shadows.
Well YES.
Infact , I feel the lesser the product the more beautiful and natural you look.
IMG_20180719_123027 (2)

This look is just using one shadow from COLOR POP COSMETIC in the shade “COCONUT ”
For creating this look I used the most expensive brushes available.MY FINGERS.But everyone can afford them.I first tapped the shade on the eyelid to create a darker look and further used the remaining shadow on the outer lid to give it a well blended look.
The shadow costs $5 and the brushes were PRICELESS .
I did not use any eyeliner because I feel eyeliner make the look really heavy, so I went just for the mascara from MAYBELLINE.
The look turned out as I wanted it and was wearable during the day and at night.
IMG_20180816_173213 (2)



For this look I used another local brand that I purchased from Thailand.
It costed me around 20 Bhat which is the currency of Thailand.
I have used just two colours.
A deep purple all over the lid and a hot pink on the crease line to smudge the colour and give it more pop.
Again I went just for the mascara and no eyeliner.
This look is apt for night time when you want to go sassy and yet look glamorous and not-over-the-top.
So this is how I do my eyes.
Going minimalist and yet bold.
I love makeup but I like to make my own rule book when it comes to the application.
Every way is good way unless it doesn’t look tacky and makes you look old.
Going less is more.
Choosing the right product is all it takes to create a beautiful look.
So don’t go heavy on your pockets, but,go smart.

What is the right lipstick type for you?


A thing that makes all the difference in how your final look is going to be is the lip stick type that you decide to rock.

Weather your look will stand out or weather it will go down the trash is all determined by a simple yet very complicated decision that we all have to make.

Yes, the dreaded thing called lipstick, that almost cylindrical object which is somehow a half slant cut cone designed to be perfectly applicable along the delicate lip area and also the intricate sides, depths of which are deeper than exploring the caves of Iceland.(Got much feels?)

So you are all ready,eye look on point, perfectly chiseled cheekbones,and that baking!(don’t even talk about it gurll).

And now its the decision that will decide the future of your whole look..THE GLOSS/MATTE ON YOUR LIPS!

But how exactly do you decide which lipstick type to go for?

Well makeup is an art and a science at the same time.It looks really easy on the outside but involves a lot of physics on the inside about light,reflections,bouncing of light,even the prism etc to ultimately brig out the perfectly FLAWLESS you.

Now choosing a lip shade is not completely unaffected by it.

There are usually 2 rules that you need to follow when choosing a lipstick type:



Now this actually is the most important rule when it comes to choosing the right type of lipstick.A lot of this depends on the principles of reflection of light.

Gloss make the light reflect more as compared to matte.

With this simple reasoning if you have thin lips then you should go for glossy lipsticks at most time.This will give an illusion of your being more fuller then they actually are.

Similarly if you have thick or fuller lips then you should opt the matte dark colours as they will help in giving an illusion of reduced lip shape.

Also a lot depends on the colour selection.People with thin lips should go for more bright colours as they reflect more light, whereas, people with fuller lips should go for more darker shades as they reflect the light much less.



This is another factor that should be kept in mind while deciding between mattes and glosses.

Gloss lip colours give out a very feminine, playful vibe whereas the matte colours give out a more strong classy vibe. You can opt for glosses during the day and mattes at night.BUT. There is NO RULE. Some mattes do have an element of gloss and can be worn all day long.Also mattes stay on a lot longer without the botheration of several touch ups as opposed to glosses.

Other than these things there is another trick that can be helpful to wear any type.









Let’s be HONEST here. You did everything as she said.You applied the same shade or maybe a different shade from the same brand. You used the same brushes(Morphe, I guess?) and you imitated her as much as your budget allowed hoping to miraculously get the exact same look.

Now comes the dreaded part .Everything done,all steps complete and now it is time to finally look at yourself in the mirror with those too judging eyes ready to point out every flaw and every error that you have committed in the trial.Well,you look at yourself,and to your horror the nightmares becomes a reality.

Yes YOU LOOK GREY. You look sick. Your skin lacks the warmth ,the glow and everything else that you desired but couldn’t achieve.


But why does that happen?

Why does the skin start looking grey when we in fact follow all the instructions as carefully and as precisely as we can.Well this is were most people struggle and this is were  little trick can help and save you.


giphy (4).gif

With companies offering up to 40 foundation shades these days it may not be a hassle to get the right foundation shade but it can definitely be a hassle to get that shade match your skin.

So here are a few quick tips that you can use to get your foundation look amazing:



This is a golden rule when it comes to foundations which most of us don’t care to follow or don’t know at all. Whenever buying foundations always make sure that you buy the colour which matches your skin. and to get that perfect combination you might need to mix two or sometimes three shades.


giphy (5).gif

This is another very important aspect that we fail to take care of. Knowing your right undertone is important when you are choosing the right foundation.

our sin generally has two undertone-either yellow or red.

Depending on this you can always choose foundations that have a yellow undertone and further go for your shade.


tenor (1)

This is the last but the most important aspect that 90% of the people don’t know.

Yes,your foundation is only perfect when the face matches the neck without having to apply foundation on the neck).

This is because the skin of our neck is actually the skin of the entire body and once the face matches your neck the other things become a cakewalk.

So, the next time you go to buy a foundation or are trying out the foundation steps of your favorite you tuber make sure to keep these things in mind to get that beautiful warm glowing skin.

Happy foundation selecting ❤