3 Super Easy DIY Hair Rescue Masks

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Weather your hair is short, long, curly, or straight, we all want hair that glows like Giselle Bündchen’s, bounces like Gigi Hadid’s, and makes headlines like Solange Knowles’. We want it so bad that we’re prepared to spend A LOT on any product that promises to nurture our hair and bring life back into them. Shampoos, conditioners, serums,there are thousands of products promising bigger, better, stronger locks. But what if I told you there was a way of achieving all that and more without you having to keep half of your budget on hair care.

So today in this blog i’ll be writing about some of my personal favorite hair DIY tips and tricks to make your hair glow more than your favorite highlighter,to fix your sun damaged hair or to get yourself the long needed break from the flaky scalp or a no hair day.

Growth boosting DIY mask for longer lock

Long healthy hair might seem like an impossible goal,that you might have even set as a new year revolution or might be thinking about doing it this time..but not any more.
Since I really believe in keeping things simple this first DIY tip has to be the simplest.
This mask is just a 2 ingredient mask..super affordable and easily available.This massk is not only going to leave your hair super soft but will keep your scalp in the best condition for optimized growth.


Coconut oil (apply and massage on your scalp)
Ginger (chopped and grinded in the mixer)
Water(pour it in the ginger to make a paste)

Apply the coconut oil as usual on your scalp and massage it in.

Once you have done that take the ginger paste and apply it all over your scalp and especially in those areas where you experience hair thinning or baldness.
once this mask has been applied keep it for 30 mnutes and wash it off.

This hair mask is going to cause a little tinginess in your scalp but that is only because of the stimulating properties of ginger.It open up the locked hair follicles and helps in hair growth.also you will experience your scalp getting warm but it is also normal.


This hair mask will make a noticeable difference in your hair fall growth from the 1st wash itself.Not only will you experience a TREMENDOUS REDUCTION in hair fall but will also experience hair regrowth.

Cleansing DIY mask oily scalp

There’s nothing more annoying than taking a nice cleansing and refreshing shower, and waking up the following day and wondering why your hair is oily enough to fry an egg.
Now oily scalp can be due to variety of reason.Either it might be your hair wash cycle,or maybe excessive styling of hair,or even your obsession to touch your hair quite often..reasons can be many but there is a one stop solution to this problem.


Apple cider vinegar (2-3 tablespoon)

Once you have shampooed your hair massage your wet hair with the apple cider vinegar.Let it sit for about 3 minutes and wash it off.
Vinegar will not wash off all the oil but only the unnecessary stuff making your hair greasy.

Repairing DIY mask for dry hair

Dry hair days are practically equivalent to a bad hair day.From breakage to looking like a broom’s strand dry hair can have a lot of depressing issues for a person.But fortunately dry hair are the easiest to tackle and manage.

If you’re someone who is a product-fiend or serial hair straightener/curler, even if the damage has seemingly not taken root (pun intended) use this mask at least once a week.


aloe vera pulp (5 tablespoon)
olive oil (1 tablespoon)
egg yolk (1 egg)

Apply it to your dry and brittle hair and let it be for half an hour. Wash it off with cold water.

Give your dry hair a new life and definitely flaunt them on instagram!

These hair mask will make a huge difference to your locks making them luscious and definitely desirable!



Hey everyone,

Today I have for you all another very effective DIY face mask!




Just as yum as it sounds,it is also equally effective!

Do check it out and also tell me how well it worked out for you!

All my love ❤

Travel and Tan!

So as for me I love travelling!I love it to an extent that it is my better half 😀 But also I am very conscious about my skin.People in the west do enjoy tanned skin and the little darker complexion but here in the east it is still not preferable..and that is why a single speck or a little shade difference and it automatically creates a stress among girls and even boys!

So the same thing happened with me.I had gone on a vacation to Rajasthan just 9 days before my birthday and what do I see when I come back..tanned hands, tanned face and on a whole  tanned body! 9 days before my birthday I have a badly sunscreen protected tanned body!

This is where my grandmothers home remedies came to my rescue.

I would like to share some with you along with the does and donts.So here is the list:

  1. LEMON : So lemon basically in itself is a strong natural bleach which if regularly used will definitely give you visible results.BUT also don’t forget that lemon is highly and highly acidic and I will NOT RECOMMEND you to use it daily.Once in a week and that to along with honey because honey helps t sooth your skin. With continuous use it will tend o make your skin very sensitive and if you already have a sensitive skin please don’t use more than two drops of lemon otherwise your skin will develop rashes.
  2. POTATOE: Again something commonly and easily found in our kitchen.Using potatoe regularly will definitely give you the desired results because it is a bleach but not as acidic or even partially acidic as lemon.So this can be used to your benefit.
  3. SANDALWOOD: So this is the best remedy according to me.Use sandalwood powder along with raw milk and make a paste.Apply an your skin for 30 minutes and then wash it off.This remedy definitely works.
  4. RAW MILK: The milk that we use before boiling is basically the raw form.Use a pinch of  turmeric  with milk and massage on your face.Let it remain for 15 minutes and wash it off.
  5. TURMERIC: Turmeric along with curd is also a very good anti tan remedy.Turmeric along with gram flour and also raw milk will also prove to be very useful.

With this i’ll log out.I hope these prove to be useful.

All my love,

Toodles. ❤

3 Hair removal hacks for lazy girls!


Watsup everyone!

So yesterday I was talking about how can we get inspiration and writing ideas and today I am writing hair removal hacks that in my opinion every girl should know..after all hair removal can be a pain in the ass.

So today I would like to share with you certain hacks that I personally follow..and yes it does not make hair removal a very enjoyable process but it works very well.

So here they are:


giphy (1).gif

Ok so the first hack is definitely threading.Though prevalent in most parts of the world but  I feel most women still to use razors rather than going for the there because razors are obviously less painful.but i recommend this hack because of the following reasons:

  • cleans and shapes the hair very well giving it a desired level of cleanliness and thickness tha you desire.
  • gradually decreases the hair growth in these areas since the roots loose their strength.
  • does not lead to blackening of skin.
  • the hair grow after almost 10 days if you are very hairy and if not it can extend to even 20 days!



This is definitely my hack! I have waxing my arms and legs since eternity ! Ok so I recommend the hack because of the following reasons:

  • continuous use can lead to a slower and gradual no hair stage.
  • cleans the pores of your skin and lead to reduction of skin darkness.
  • leads to soft and smooth skin.





Step 1: Pour Sugar In a pan,

Step 2: Add water

Step 3: Add Lemon Juice

Step 4: Stir and Turn on High Heat


Step 5: Once its boiling or bubbling reduce heat to medium

Step 6: You want it to lightly produce bubbles but if it starts bubbling up like step 5 then lower the heat a bit and make sure you constantly stir

Step 7: Once it starts to get golden in color turn off heat and take a spoon full of wax and put it in your fridge to test consistency (once its cooled it should be thicker than honey) (you should be able to put it in your hand and roll it around) If its still too runny or sticky bring back to medium low heat for a few more minutes and test again (You also don’t want it to burn because it will completely solidify when cooled)

Step 8: Once you have the right consistency pour into a bowl and allow to cool for about 30 minutes. Just check on it after 30 minutes and if it still is too warm or hot wait a bit longer.

Apply a patch on your skin and let it stay..after that peel it off from the portion applied.

Do try these hacks and tell me how they worked..

All my love

toodles ❤