Smoke it out ,and say it loud.

I am obsessed with black.
And it shows.In in wardrobe,in my makeup, in my whole existence.
The fact that black can glam up any dull day,and at the same time enhance your personality to the boss level..this is the colour that can neither go out of fashion nor out of the makeup industry.
Though it is safe to say that smokey eyes have taken by the whole industry by storm since past a decade,but still..for something to not go out of fashion on the international runway and even on the more local platform is still a big deal.Huge actually.
But obviously everything comes with its own cons.From being such a huge hit when done properly,smokey eyes can turn into panda eyes in no time.
And there have not been any less instances when this makeup wonder has become a makeup disaster.
Well,I hope this look is not a makeup disaster.




As the year comes to an end it is a deemed tradition/custom of reviewing things.Now, these things can be your personal performance or the performance of the economy or in the life of a beauty blogger the performance of cosmetics.

So as this year 2018 is almost coming to an end I thought that why not do a series of THE BEST AND THE WORST where I would pen down the products that flabbergasted the audience with their exceptional performance and some that made us cry because we had probably expected waaayyyy too much.

So the first thing in my series HAD to be foundations because they are something 90% of the women swear by and, not to underestimate the fact that THEY are the ride or die factor of the entire makeup look.

So, today we will be taking about foundations category wise.Since there is no ONE SKIN TYPE therefore there are also thousands of foundations available in the market that claim to be doing “just that” right good to your makeup. But is it always the case?

Well NO.

So what were the BEST foundations for:


(Also I am including just two skin types because I wanted my blog to be a little less “too much to take in” thingy)

  1. Let’s begin with the COMBINATION skin type.

Well this skin by far has more ratio in terms of ‘No. of people with this skin type’ than any of the other four.

So which foundations for this ginormous skin type population performed exceptionally well in 2018?




This all-in-one foundation is an absolute steal. For its budget price,also not to forget the fact that it is a drugstore product the water-based Maybelline foundation gives you just enough coverage to wear daily and even has SPF in it to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. If you’ve got acne this light-weight foundation is the perfect option and doesn’t have as many ingredients that can clog up your pores.So you really do not have to worry about having a cakey nose or an ultra shiny fore head.



This one is truly one of the best foundations for combination skin. It has an oil free formula along with color correcting pigments, which provides an even coverage while reducing the appearance of redness and scars. The foundation comes in a huge range of colors ranging from porcelain to espresso, providing a shade for every skin tone. The foundation provides a long lasting, soft matte coverage by absorbing excess oil and helps to create a barrier against heat and humidity for almost 8 hours.



THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF ALL COMBINATION SKIN FOUNDATIONS. So this foundation comes with a 15-hour promise,provides a flawless, matte finish throughout the day and evening, without being so thick that it starts to look anything but your own skin. And if you do want to add a little pressed powder towards the end of those 15 hours, you can happily do so without fear of caking or clogging. It doesn’t transfer onto clothing, which is a big thumbs up if you are the ‘hugs and kisses’ person. With an SPF 10, there’s some sun protection, too. A word of advice: be sparing – a little goes a long way.


2.The OILY skin type.


Well this skin type is presumably the second largest skin type in the world.To have an oily skin might seem to be a “oh what’s the problem!” kind of skin unless you notice your skin exhibiting quite a bit of shine(literally not the flattering one)and you break out easily!Pleasant much?

Now the people having oily skin can have some major issues with foundations.The makeup application process revolves around combating excess oil so that your makeup doesn’t slide off  after an hour. Oh!The horror.But with the right type of foundations that can be made possible.




The Amazonian Clay Foundation claims to be a 12 hour wear, full coverage foundation, with amazonian clay to improve skin over time.  Tarte Cosmetics is company that uses a ton of all natural ingredients in their products and does not test on animals.

Let’s talk about this beauty.The finish of this foundation is flawless.It makes your skin look like doll skin, but somehow still natural and like human skin.  Every time I wear it, people ask me what my skin care routine is.  That IS a winning foundation.  I feel like I could end the review right there, if I didn’t have so many other nice things to say about it.

The texture is a lightweight mousse.  It blends so easily and in 1 to 2 layers you get the coverage you want and saying so means if you use a primer or not.Also the foundation lasts a really long time and also has SPF 15,which, again is a winning point.Also the ingredients are very skin friendly,it is vegan which means no animal was hurt during the process.AN HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PRODUCT.


This is the brand I completely love.The products always stand out and are always in line with the brands’ name and reputation.

This foundation also is true to its name.It does last all day long. It’s very thick, so a little goes a long way. I would recommend to use a damp beauty blender or a brush to even to out quickly.Using it with a primer is recommended as it looks a lot smooth and also will not make your skin look patchy.Also the foundation has a very natural dewy touch and does not look super shiny or glowy which is a good thing for people with oily skin.The coverage of this foundation is customizable and it starts from medium to full coverage.If you’re really oily, you might want to set this one with a powder afterward to absorb any extra moisture left behind which I feel is not really necessary since it gives just the right dewy finish to the skin.





So wouldn’t it have been weird if I hadn’t mentioned this GAME CHANGER?This foundation,right here has actually changed the whole perspective of shade selection.With a range of 40 foundation colours this is the only brand that is so colour inclusive.Though a lot of brands offer up to 24 but ,40 is a whole new level of shade range.

So talking about the foundation the consistency of the foundation is not runny, but also not mousse like.It doesn’t feel very thick when applied on the skin like many other full coverage foundations.Also it gives a very nice texture to the skin ,almost like airbrush makeup.Though this foundation has an amazing coverage and also conceals large pores and textured skin,but there is still one downside to it,and that is it oxidizes pretty bad.So I would suggest that you go for a shade lighter than your actual shade.




Is oodles of mascara,7 pumps of foundation and heavily kholed eye,and Oh! how to forget ounces of highlighter your “ritual” makeup routine?
Then you definitely need to check out this post!
In the beginning of 2018, Instagram was filled with women flaunting heavily smoked eyes and tons of highlighter. Standing right in the direction where the sun shone the brightest ,these pictures gave out so much ‘radiance’ that there was even a slight chance that you might get blind in one eye!
But just as fashion trends change every season,so does makeup.
And in the spring/summer 2018 shows in New York ,THIS is exactly what happened.
Everyone from Victoria Beckham to Alexander Wang confirmed that “NO MAKEUP” was the new trend.

In fact Lizo,the lead make-up artist for Nars quoted “Think of this make-up as a good reality check for all the heavy social media make-up”.And when a trend hits the floors of the VICTORIA BECKHAM/ALEXANDER WANG show,what are the odds that it will not be a hit.That season people witnessed models rocking a completely bare face with just as much highlighting on the bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow that it looked like the inner radiance shining outside.
“This look is all about skincare” explained Pat McGrath who was the head artist for the Victoria Beckham show.”Its a very fresh,very natural look.It sure involves grooming but the look is very natural” she continues to explain revealing that the team applied beige liner on the eyes,a touch of gold highlighter and a stroke of lip balm.

At the ALEXANDER WANG show that season,things were no different.”It is all about celebrating the models’ individual beauty” said Diana Kendell who only used colours to enhance their features and even out the complexion.

Since then the makeup trends that hit not only the runway but also events such as MET GALA,OSCARS etc were focused largely on keeping it natural,simple and minimalist, thus, emphasizing on a concentrated skin care routine,because good skin doesn’t come easy.


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Here are some tips to get the RUNWAY LIKE FRESH FACE LOOK in just 5 minutes:
1. MOISTURIZE~ THIS step should be your skin care ritual.It is not only important to moisturize your skin before this look but, it is even more important to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day and especially at night.

2. CONCEAL~ The next important step is to conceal.Even though we are looking at a no makeup look, but concealing your under eye is important to give your eyes the necessary lift, so that ,they don’t look droopy and tired.

3. FOUNDATION~ For this look I would suggest you go for a powder foundation. But if you have a dry skin,the powder WILL make it worse and therefore, go for a mousse foundation.

4. BLUSH~ Since we are going for a no makeup look,a slight pink/orange or brown blush would be enough to give the required definition.

5. NUDE LIPS~ For this look I would suggest to use just a good quality lip balm.However a brown/natural pink shade can also be used.

6. MASCARA~ We DON’T need oodles of mascara for this look.Just 1-2 strokes on the upper lashes and you are good to go.

7. NO LINER~ If you are someone for whom liner is as important as oxygen then a brown liner just along the upper lashes will help you survive the day.

Eyebrow trends that will return soon!

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Brows have always been a topsy turvy game. Brows define your makeup wayyy tooo much. If your brow game is on point ,however your makeup is, it looks good ( until it is an extreme case ,of course!),but, if your game strong is a disaster (god forbid) then even the most subtle makeups can be a BIGGG turnoff!

There have been many eyebrow trends over the century ,but,these are the brow trends that are going to return soon in the near future,as we all know,what goes back in fashion,comes back again!

So here are the few brow trends in the making..Read for more..

  • The delicate fill up~

    When eyebrows were filled in delicately and placed high on the brow bone.

  • The low maintenance brow~

    When you let your natural eyebrow grow and just define the arches.

  • Diva arches~

    Customizing your own brows by filling in the arches and highlighting the high points

  • Thicker and darker~

    Bushy brows where women women preferred just the extra hair to be twigged and plucked.

  • Fully grown out~

    So THIS is the ULTIMATE brow goal!Full,arched and tapered brows.Women use eyebrow pencil to fill them in.


With these brows coming soon..what is your favorite ‘go-to’ brow?


Hey everyone,

Today I have for you all another very effective DIY face mask!




Just as yum as it sounds,it is also equally effective!

Do check it out and also tell me how well it worked out for you!

All my love ❤

Travel and Tan!

So as for me I love travelling!I love it to an extent that it is my better half 😀 But also I am very conscious about my skin.People in the west do enjoy tanned skin and the little darker complexion but here in the east it is still not preferable..and that is why a single speck or a little shade difference and it automatically creates a stress among girls and even boys!

So the same thing happened with me.I had gone on a vacation to Rajasthan just 9 days before my birthday and what do I see when I come back..tanned hands, tanned face and on a whole  tanned body! 9 days before my birthday I have a badly sunscreen protected tanned body!

This is where my grandmothers home remedies came to my rescue.

I would like to share some with you along with the does and donts.So here is the list:

  1. LEMON : So lemon basically in itself is a strong natural bleach which if regularly used will definitely give you visible results.BUT also don’t forget that lemon is highly and highly acidic and I will NOT RECOMMEND you to use it daily.Once in a week and that to along with honey because honey helps t sooth your skin. With continuous use it will tend o make your skin very sensitive and if you already have a sensitive skin please don’t use more than two drops of lemon otherwise your skin will develop rashes.
  2. POTATOE: Again something commonly and easily found in our kitchen.Using potatoe regularly will definitely give you the desired results because it is a bleach but not as acidic or even partially acidic as lemon.So this can be used to your benefit.
  3. SANDALWOOD: So this is the best remedy according to me.Use sandalwood powder along with raw milk and make a paste.Apply an your skin for 30 minutes and then wash it off.This remedy definitely works.
  4. RAW MILK: The milk that we use before boiling is basically the raw form.Use a pinch of  turmeric  with milk and massage on your face.Let it remain for 15 minutes and wash it off.
  5. TURMERIC: Turmeric along with curd is also a very good anti tan remedy.Turmeric along with gram flour and also raw milk will also prove to be very useful.

With this i’ll log out.I hope these prove to be useful.

All my love,

Toodles. ❤

Mirror mirror on the wall….

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the beautiful of us all!

giphy (2).gif

Beauty..Faces..Colour..Am I really satisfied with what I am!

I often ask myself this question.Am I really happy with what I look like.With the looks that I have been gifted with or should I too go under the knife to get those little things left in a flurry corrected and fit in this “unnatural” society !

I often wonder if there ever would be a day when all women would wake up,look at themselves in the mirror and thank god for their nose or their boobs!How those profit-making industries would crumble down to dust!

I thought about talking on this topic since today I was randomly going through some instagram posts when I found this picture of a horrendous “surgery to make you look good and feel good” fail and went to the mirror to look at myself..DO I REALLY LOOK SO BAD?IS THERE REALLY A NEED TO GO THROUGH THAT PAIN WHEN I AM NOT EVEN SURE IF THE RESULTS WOULD NOT LEAD ME TO FURTHER AGONY ? OR is it just the desperate need to be accepted  by this society that I don’t  let myself  see the actual beautifully flawed me!

I know this subject is all over the social network and to some even cliched and overrated.UNHAPPY SOULS.UNHAPPY FACES.UNHAPPY LIVES.But WHY?Why is this need.. An urge to have every inch of our beautiful bodies perfect!The white doesn’t want to be white;the black doesn’t want to be black..the people with curves want to get rid of them while the skinny ones just spent dollars to get some muscles on!but why?

giphy (3).gif

Today I am writing this post not because I am some socialist or some psychologist..but because I myself have been through that horrid experience.The FEAR that grips you ..follows you like a shadow that doesn’t leave you even in the fear was not about having  a weird shaped nose or small ass but the fear of aging!Premature aging!When one fine happy morning you get up and look at yourself in the mirror and notice two prominent folds of skin under your eyes..but you smile it away and then to your biggest horror you see two smile lines..and the same applies to your neck lines and because you have lost weight some acquaintance of yours tells you that you have started looking old! At 20! What can be more traumatic than that!Then what follows is insecurity;self hate;and even more insecurities till one day you are emotionally drained and on the verge of an emotionally breakdown.

So was with me. A few months after that day were of agony and pain..I used to look at my friends and observe their skin when they smiled just to see if they had any lines like I did..I started to avoid looking at myself in the mirror altogether..when on one of those same pain filled days someone said to me”I wish I had the skin and the body like yourself!”


That was the day when I again went to check myself in the mirror.This time not to find anymore flaws in me..I looked in the mirror not to minutely observe another line that might have formed; but to look at myself the way I did not for a period of 5-6 months..I was not that bad after all! And since then life has a been smiling down upon me..we all have to age..maybe I am going through it faster.But,who cares!This life was not given to me to cry but to cherish and accept my own beautifully flawed unique self!

Yes, you might have a thin nose or  fat body..but..never forget that you have been created by the one who never flaws in His work!


With this thought I’ll sign off..

Stay beautiful and stay your own FLAWED SELF,no one not even you have the right to question your beauty!


All my love,

Toodles ❤