Weddings are a big affair in all parts of the globe,but,in Asia and especially ,India and Pakistan,weddings are a whole new level of festivity!
From extravagant decorations, to a huge number of invitees,everything has a show of grandeur.
And obviously the clothes add to that extra bling.Swaying between the typical red and golden to all sorts of colour combinations that a persons mind can imagine,brides here can carry it all.
So for this bride,it was carrot red and royal purple. Obviously a different ,yet,a beautiful combination
And since we love to go extra, we decided to colour coordinate the colour of the skirt with that of the eye.
So I applied purple shadow on the lid and blended the crease with pink cutting it with a golden halo cut crease just to add that extra drama that we wanted.


Bridal trends that are here to stay in 2019..


The wedding season is here and so are the different bridal looks of the season.

Weddings are once in a lifetime event for most of the people and therefore every bride wants to look her best on her big day. From ethereal dresses to extravagant jewelry, nothing looks complete without “the” perfect makeup.

So to make things more easy and less stressful here are some of the most done, seen and clicked pictures of the makeup trends of 2018 and the trends that will stay on in 2019.

Fresh face look– Not long ago did we see Anushka Sharma rocking the fresh face makeup for almost all events of her wedding. She kept it simple and minimalistic to the core .From her eyes to her lips everything was kept neutral, natural and nude. And did the makeup police approve it? Well yes! The fresh face was a big hit this season .From international runways to the desi brides, almost everyone was swoon over by it.

 The Bronzed goddess– Recently when Depika donned on the exquisite white chikankari demi sari she made sure that she looked like a goddess. Rather than going for an over the top look with the over the top dress she decided to bronze things a bit and of course she made a statement. From bronzing the cheeks and forehead to adding warm tones to the eyes the look was kept such that it exuded the goddess vibes and also did not take the attention from the extravagant attire.

The No Makeup look– We are still not over with the royal wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Not only were the dresses absolutely stunning and gorgeous there was also one thing that was very noticeable. Her makeup .Priyanka went for a no makeup look for both the Hindu and the Christian wedding .The warm eye look helped to balance the softness of her fresh skin. As for her lips, the makeup artist gave Chopra a subtle red stain, a color she typically wears on the red carpet. Letting the dress take the limelight her makeup was kept to the basic for the occasions making this dusky beauty look ethereal in her own skin.

Smokey blown out look– This year was a year of mainly the fresh, natural and no-makeup makeup looks. From runway to the red carpet and on the brides as well this was the most photographed look of the year. But this has also not prevented the makeup lovers from keeping the smoky look alive. Although there was a slight variation. Rather than the strong smoky tape shaped eyes that was the trend till last year this year the makeup junkies opted for a more blown out look. This look not only accentuates the eyes but also makes you look years younger.