Smoke it out ,and say it loud.

I am obsessed with black.
And it shows.In in wardrobe,in my makeup, in my whole existence.
The fact that black can glam up any dull day,and at the same time enhance your personality to the boss level..this is the colour that can neither go out of fashion nor out of the makeup industry.
Though it is safe to say that smokey eyes have taken by the whole industry by storm since past a decade,but still..for something to not go out of fashion on the international runway and even on the more local platform is still a big deal.Huge actually.
But obviously everything comes with its own cons.From being such a huge hit when done properly,smokey eyes can turn into panda eyes in no time.
And there have not been any less instances when this makeup wonder has become a makeup disaster.
Well,I hope this look is not a makeup disaster.


Bridal trends 2018.

Bridal trends 2018.

The wedding season is here and so are the different bridal looks of the season.

Weddings are once in a lifetime event for most of the people and therefore every bride wants to look her best on her big day. From ethereal dresses to extravagant jewelry, nothing looks complete without “the” perfect makeup.

So to make things more easy and less stressful here are some of the most done, seen and clicked pictures of the makeup trends of 2018.

Fresh face look-Not long ago did we see Anushka Sharma rocking the fresh face makeup for almost all events of her wedding. She kept it simple and minimalistic to the core .From her eyes to her lips everything was kept neutral, natural and nude. And did the makeup police approve it? Well yes! The fresh face was a big hit this season .From international runways to the desi brides, almost everyone was swoon over by it.

 The Bronzed goddess– Recently when Depika donned on the exquisite white chikankari demi sari she made sure that she looked like a goddess. Rather than going for an over the top look with the over the top dress she decided to bronze things a bit and of course she made a statement. From bronzing the cheeks and forehead to adding warm tones to the eyes the look was kept such that it exuded the goddess vibes and also did not take the attention from the extravagant attire.

The No Makeup look– We are still not over with the royal wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Not only were the dresses absolutely stunning and gorgeous there was also one thing that was very noticeable. Her makeup .Priyanka went for a no makeup look for both the Hindu and the Christian wedding .The warm eye look helped to balance the softness of her fresh skin. As for her lips, the makeup artist gave Chopra a subtle red stain, a color she typically wears on the red carpet. Letting the dress take the limelight her makeup was kept to the basic for the occasions making this dusky beauty look ethereal in her own skin.

Smokey blown out look– This year was a year of mainly the fresh, natural and no-makeup makeup looks. From runway to the red carpet and on the brides as well this was the most photographed look of the year. But this has also not prevented the makeup lovers from keeping the smoky look alive.Although there was a slight variation. Rather than the strong smoky tape shaped eyes that was the trend till last year this year the makeup junkies opted for a more blown out look. This look not only accentuates the eyes but also makes you look years younger.

From panda eyes to a killing machine – How far did you take your LINER GAME?

From panda eyes to a killing machine – How far did you take your LINER GAME?

We all know them.Those people.Those panda eyes.Those 5 makeup wipes crying in the corner of your dustbin because you ruthlessly rubbed them over your eyes. There is this point in every girls’ life when she knew she was close to one correct stroke..’yes for once in my life I will have the perfect liner story to tell to my grand kids’  but hold on lady! The stars are not in your favor,YET!And then that one misstroke and GAME OVER. But she doesn’t want to give up..because of course who wants to go back when they are so close victory. After a while of trying to get your symmetry right and getting the misstroke undone you realize that you are not close to perfection but definitely close to your panda eyes.



But how to ensure that your eyeliner game is strong AF?



Well, here are some easy tips that you can follow to make sure that your evolution from panda eyes to a killing machine is smooth and easy and without shedding those precious tears:

  1. Being PATIENT: Yes,this is difficult for most of us who want to be done with things quickly.BUT. Honey,applying eyeliner is not a joke.If you want to get a perfect eyeliner,you have to be patient,just like you are with your kids, yeah ,the same patience.
  2. Using SHORT STROKES: Applying the eyeliner in one go is the one MISTAKE that we all commit. After all our eyes are so small, why not just apply it in one go.But NO. Liner application can be perfect only when you apply short strokes,one at a time.
  3. Remain as CLOSE TO THE EYELID as you can:Yes try to be as close to the eyelid as possible.This helps to ensure that you are not creating a gap between the lid and the rest if your eyes.
  4.  KEEPING YOUR EYES OPEN during the application: Yes this is again a very common mistake.People tend to close the eye on which they are applying the liner.Keeping your eyes open helps you to see how thick you are applying the liner and which area needs correction.Also you will keep your eyes open once you go out.So.It makes sense.
  5. Now this step is actually a TRICK: Eyeliners can be tricky okay.They can either lift up your eye or can make up look droopy.The trick here is that whenever you apply your eyeliner always align it with where your eveybrow tip ends. This way you will ensure that your liner always goes up and never makes your eyes look droopy or tired or dead!



Can you go uber glam without going heavy on your pockets?



Generally when you see a makeup tutorial on Instagram or for that matter any makeup video what is the first thing you notice?
Yes,the extensive line of products.
Some hundreds of brushes which look the same, and you wonder if there is even a need to use so many brushes when you can actually do away with just a handful.
Then the second thing is the eye shadow palettes that seem to never end.
Again most of them seem to have the same colours and you wonder if just one palette could have been enough.
Well there is no end to the products that we see or the products that are used on the models (for example Dior foundations or Chanel lip colours).
Now what does an average income person think when they see these kind of tutorials.
Firstly, of-course they are attracted to the temptation of splurging on these brands when in reality their pockets might be too tight for it. But, they might end up giving up to the temptation and later struggle to pay the rent.
Or secondly, and the most common conception is that, only people who have hundreds of brushes, or only those who are the proud owners of an infinite number of shadow palettes, or the ones who use products like Dior and YSL in their “everyday makeup look” are the only ones who can “actually do” good makeup,or, to do good makeup we need to have all these things.
Well I believe that this is a “MYTH”.
Doing good makeup requires the skill and the eye for it, and you can easily achieve a great, chic, uber glam look using just one or two products.
Eyes are always considered a very important part of any makeup look.
They can either enhance your entire look,or make you look droopy and dull.
But is it possible to achieve a great eye look using single/two shadows.
Well YES.
Infact , I feel the lesser the product the more beautiful and natural you look.
IMG_20180719_123027 (2)

This look is just using one shadow from COLOR POP COSMETIC in the shade “COCONUT ”
For creating this look I used the most expensive brushes available.MY FINGERS.But everyone can afford them.I first tapped the shade on the eyelid to create a darker look and further used the remaining shadow on the outer lid to give it a well blended look.
The shadow costs $5 and the brushes were PRICELESS .
I did not use any eyeliner because I feel eyeliner make the look really heavy, so I went just for the mascara from MAYBELLINE.
The look turned out as I wanted it and was wearable during the day and at night.
IMG_20180816_173213 (2)



For this look I used another local brand that I purchased from Thailand.
It costed me around 20 Bhat which is the currency of Thailand.
I have used just two colours.
A deep purple all over the lid and a hot pink on the crease line to smudge the colour and give it more pop.
Again I went just for the mascara and no eyeliner.
This look is apt for night time when you want to go sassy and yet look glamorous and not-over-the-top.
So this is how I do my eyes.
Going minimalist and yet bold.
I love makeup but I like to make my own rule book when it comes to the application.
Every way is good way unless it doesn’t look tacky and makes you look old.
Going less is more.
Choosing the right product is all it takes to create a beautiful look.
So don’t go heavy on your pockets, but,go smart.