Is oodles of mascara,7 pumps of foundation and heavily kholed eye,and Oh! how to forget ounces of highlighter your “ritual” makeup routine?
Then you definitely need to check out this post!
In the beginning of 2018, Instagram was filled with women flaunting heavily smoked eyes and tons of highlighter. Standing right in the direction where the sun shone the brightest ,these pictures gave out so much ‘radiance’ that there was even a slight chance that you might get blind in one eye!
But just as fashion trends change every season,so does makeup.
And in the spring/summer 2018 shows in New York ,THIS is exactly what happened.
Everyone from Victoria Beckham to Alexander Wang confirmed that “NO MAKEUP” was the new trend.

In fact Lizo,the lead make-up artist for Nars quoted “Think of this make-up as a good reality check for all the heavy social media make-up”.And when a trend hits the floors of the VICTORIA BECKHAM/ALEXANDER WANG show,what are the odds that it will not be a hit.That season people witnessed models rocking a completely bare face with just as much highlighting on the bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow that it looked like the inner radiance shining outside.
“This look is all about skincare” explained Pat McGrath who was the head artist for the Victoria Beckham show.”Its a very fresh,very natural look.It sure involves grooming but the look is very natural” she continues to explain revealing that the team applied beige liner on the eyes,a touch of gold highlighter and a stroke of lip balm.

At the ALEXANDER WANG show that season,things were no different.”It is all about celebrating the models’ individual beauty” said Diana Kendell who only used colours to enhance their features and even out the complexion.

Since then the makeup trends that hit not only the runway but also events such as MET GALA,OSCARS etc were focused largely on keeping it natural,simple and minimalist, thus, emphasizing on a concentrated skin care routine,because good skin doesn’t come easy.


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Here are some tips to get the RUNWAY LIKE FRESH FACE LOOK in just 5 minutes:
1. MOISTURIZE~ THIS step should be your skin care ritual.It is not only important to moisturize your skin before this look but, it is even more important to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day and especially at night.

2. CONCEAL~ The next important step is to conceal.Even though we are looking at a no makeup look, but concealing your under eye is important to give your eyes the necessary lift, so that ,they don’t look droopy and tired.

3. FOUNDATION~ For this look I would suggest you go for a powder foundation. But if you have a dry skin,the powder WILL make it worse and therefore, go for a mousse foundation.

4. BLUSH~ Since we are going for a no makeup look,a slight pink/orange or brown blush would be enough to give the required definition.

5. NUDE LIPS~ For this look I would suggest to use just a good quality lip balm.However a brown/natural pink shade can also be used.

6. MASCARA~ We DON’T need oodles of mascara for this look.Just 1-2 strokes on the upper lashes and you are good to go.

7. NO LINER~ If you are someone for whom liner is as important as oxygen then a brown liner just along the upper lashes will help you survive the day.